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Fede Donelli & Alessandro Talker Parlatore



Alias for Paris "Peewee" Ford, member of the BB&Q Band (check out a previous post here)

Please check out the break at 2:52 > Pure Boogie-Funk Jam (hwoah!)

(N.A.M.E. Brand Record Company, US, 1983)

Don't stop the music

Another example of sampling hard is this track sampled in 2000 by Alan Braxe, the song was called "Most Wanted".

The post-Disco era, I really love this (original) one.

(Sam Records, US, 1981)



Historically, this is considered to be the first ever Detroit Techno record, released in 1981 a few weeks before Cybotron' s 'alleys of the mind. Musically, it' s a strange but cool mash-up between Kraftwerk, Italo and Robotic New-Wave, with a quite minimal and raw production. Slick, excellent record but totally hard to find.The complete story about this song in Dan Sicko' s landmark book "Techno Rebels", one of the best book about the history of Detroit Techno.

The catalog number of this release is a nod to the Porsche 928.
The vocal track "Sharevari" sings the praises of that car, as well as L' Uomo Vogue, GQ, car cassettes, cigarettes, bread, cheese, fine white wine, and just about everything else Northwest Detroit party boys aspired to in 1981 (just a nice curiosity, cause our post talking about Instrumental version).

(Capriccio Records, US, 1981)

"Attenzione Signore e Signorina"

Mixed and produced by Larry Levan.
Michael De Benedictus on keys, he played some tunes on the church organ at Larry' s funeral.

(Island Records, UK, 1983)


★★★★★ Random Bombs

This time I'm posting some random Bombs which are listed ★★★★★ in my iTunes LONGO Playlist. In my mental taxonomy this means: "Throw them on the dance floor and they'll get goose bumps to the bones".

I don't usually like Donna Summer, this his her best by far in my opinion: CASSIUS sample on it

Pretty Obscure Gem: check out the bassline

One of my favorite: check out a Debbie interview here

It sounds like the Dr.Buzzard Original Savannah Band but it's not: it's a swing disco track that was popular on Chicago WMBX back in the days

I'll post some more Gap Band Bombs: they are a Dam Funk all time favorite

Classic of the classics but I absolutely love it



War's blatant flirtation with the disco movement of the 70's was never more evident than this 1977 release.
This without question was War's statement to the establishment (MCA records) that; "hey! we can do that dance thing too!".
Indeed they did, right down to their double knit polyester leisure suits.

(MCA Records, US, 1977)

(And this is just my favourite dance tune of War, no other explanation!)

(RCA Records, Netherlands, 1982)


We're Getting Stronger

Friday night in Parma (for some odd unknown reason) in a not particularly nice club, i was lucky enough to be present at experience Maurice Fulton' s dj set, and the fact that i drunk too much was my only dissapointment. I would have simply wished that i had drunk slightly less to enjoy MF's music even more, it was all (stunning) wonderful, and thank to God one of my favourite songs by Loleatta Holloway, queen of Soul and Disco music, came to my mind. It' s simply grand, and even more so the Walter Gibbons mix i have decided to play for you today!

(Salsoul Records, Canada, 1977)

(If anything comes to your minds, try listening here)


Eumir Deodato

The Deodato 1980 album "Nightcruiser" burns!
It' s very "Ladies Night" period Kool & The Gang (makes perfect sense since Deodato is the producer); both of these records feature no vocals and Deodato is as fabulous an arranger as ever.
This Vinyl show the tendence of Eumir Deodato in a funky jazz style, with special instrumental electronic effects, but keeping his own style of making good music, which defines him in his triunfant career.
This 12" should not be missing in a good contemporary jazz collection. Deodato keeps using violins and traditional instruments in order to keep his own style.

(Warner Bros. Records, UK, 1980)
(Warner Bros. Records, UK, 1980)

This is the "Jellybean" Mix of "Keep It In The Family", another Deodato' s song, a rare track that has never been offered for sale.
(Warner Bros. Records, US, 1982)


Nice & Nasty

"Ultimate Rap" it sounds like a song you want to blast in your car with the doors open, just sittin there chillin.

Some people get mad when i say old rap is better.
They don' t know what rap is, those crap rapper listeners listen to old school, like this, and laugh, so i tell them they dont know what rap is!
Tell me what do you think about that things.

(Holiday, US, 1980)


Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock is the man, his music is so special and he' s able to switch with the times.
Just think about it, he has been around since Miles Davis back in the 60's & it' s the 2000's & hes still tickin.

This song makes you happy, Herbie is totally in full PFunk mode!

If you want to learn one of the most amazing slappin' Funky bass, check this video:


Afro Beat

Tony Allen played drums for Fela Kuti' s Africa 70 and Egypt 80 organizations, pioneering the unique beat and vibe of Afrobeat music which combines polyrhythmic influences of Africa with the breakbeats and extended jams of the american Funk and R&B which reached Nigeria in the late 60s and early 70s.

(Honest Jon' s Records, UK, 2007)

(Honest Jon' s Records, UK, 2007)

(Honest Jon' s Records, UK, 2007)

The last one psychedelic mix is totally my favourite, the chorus is really sweet, the bassline is forceful, repetitive and really really strong like a "kick in the face".


N Y E (Trenino)

Most of you maybe don't know that among the most cheesy traditions for the New Year's Eve in Italy, together with gunshots to the sky and other similar amenities, you find the "Trenino" (Little Train).

watch a typical trashy example of a "Trenino" here:

(in this particular case you see an Easter Version of the Trenino: don't know why, probably because italians like the "Trenino" so much that any occasion is a good occasion to have a "Trenino", even if it's April)

The funny thing is that you can have a "Trenino" ONLY on this particular song, and just this one:

(RKA, Belgium, 1976)
(Please notice the track list)

Very very bad Euro Trash dance (They acted like Brasilians but were Belgians).

ok, here's the dealio: you know that on LONGO we love to talk about Pop Culture, but Two Man Sound made good music as well and this is for your ears:

(RKA, Belgium, 1976)

We at LONGO wish you a happy new year and a joyful "Trenino".


Groovy Christmas with Longo selection

For this holidays i wanna give you a present, i hope you can appreciate.
The gift is a tracklist with 15 tracks between Disco Music, Boogie and Italo Disco for a groovy dancing during Christmas time with your Grandma!
Love you all and thanks for supporting us.

(Columbia Records, US, 1977)

(Philadelphia International Records, US, 1979)

(Dakar Records, US, 1981)

(P.B.I. Records, Canada, 1981)

(London Records, Canada, 1978)

(AVI Records, US, 1979)

(Islands Records, UK, 1983)

(Unidisc Records, Canada, 1988)

(Mahogany Records, US, 1977)

(Full Time Records, Italy, 1981)

(Spring Records, US, 1979)

(Whitfield Records, US, 1979)

(Salsoul Records, US, 1981)


The B.B. & Q. Band (Jacques Petrus)

The B.B. & Q. Band (bronx brooklyn & queens band) was one of the incredible smashing project of the Business man Jacques Petrus (tohether with Macho, "Change", "Zink" and "Peter Jacques Band").
He really had a mess of a life: disco, business, Italy, money, resort, NY, Boogie, BMW, Milan, Caribbean, mysteriously shot in the head.
Check out: www.jacquespetrus.com

(Capitol Records, UK, 1981)

(Capitol Records, France, 1982)


(Capitol Records, France, 1982)

(Capitol Records, France, 1983)


Kim Ann Foxman

Two weeks ago I had the occasion to play some discs with Kim Ann Foxman (from Hercules & Love Affair) at Magazini Generali, in Milan.
I' m trying to follow her since 2 years ago when she told me, by mail, about her inborn passion for Acid House, Deep & Chicago House (apart her love for jewels and the design of those periods that she 's trying to recreate, since few years ago, with her own collection).
It was a bit weird, for me, listening to those powerful thoughts about that music that in this years they' re playning and they can appreciate, so it was love at first time.
So here you have her classic dj-set with even the tracklist.
Profit and dance to it till you will be totally destroyed.

  1. Chip E Inc - Like This - DJ International
  2. Transphonic - You Make Me Feel So Good (Fourplay Mix) - Nu Groove
  3. Caress - Dancer (Ride The Radical Dub) - Onna Roll
  4. Yazoo - Situation (Hercules And Love Affair Remix) - Mute
  5. Plastique De Reve - Lost In The City - Death From Abroad
  6. Transform - Transformation - Downtown
  7. Willie Ninja - Hot (Murk Mix) - Nervous
  8. The New Sound Of Soul - The Strength (Deep In House) - Magnet
  9. Midi Rain - Fire (Burning House Mix) - Vinyl Solution
  10. Dubwise - Hold Me Real Tight (DJ EFX's Escape Mix) - N Fusion
  11. Boneshakers - Don't Go Away (King And I Mix) - Reachin
  12. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb - Feel It (Discodub) - Instant
  13. Hard Corey & Wray - Love Train (Cajmere's Underground Goodie Mix) - D-Vision
  14. Armando - 100% Of Dissin' You - News
  15. Mike Dunn - Groovin - Classic Cuts
  16. Intruder - U Got Me (Dub) - Murk
  17. Adonis - Two The Max - Trax
  18. 4th Measure Men - 4 You - Area 10


Night Flight

First of all, thanks to our friends Sidney Geubelle (http://bgdc12.blogspot.com).
She reminded me to have about 50mb of these sounds.
"Night Flight" gives us a very smooth edited version of Stevie Wonder' s fantastic "Love Light In Flight".
What a vibe; a long and very interesting build up ending in the warm vocals.
Ok only Stevie Wonder is God for us.

The "free fall" of hypnotic synth are damn gorgeous and at the fourth minute, when THE voice suddenly explodes into a funky and groovy rhythm, well, it' s impossible to stay still and not move even a single muscle in our body.
Thank you God for having created in his image and likeness!

(Jiscomusic, UK, 2008)

Stream Of Consciousness #3 - Kenny Loggins, Madlib, Talib Kweli, J Dilla, De la Soul, Ahmad Jamal

Look at this video by Kenny Loggins

It looks like a Raelian convention. Kenny has always been incredibly cheesy, that's the only problem with him and the main reason why he is so much underrated (take a Look at the cover down here if you don't believe me: same raelian style).

By the way in the 70's he wrote stunning songs and was a very good performer, then money made their course and he preferred to write multimillion selling soundtrack for cheesy (again) movies like footloose. Anyway, he wrote songs so good that the one in the video was sampled by NAS. But my fave is this one:

It is not my favorite because of Kenny, but because Madlib made a beautiful work sampling it on this track with Talib Kweli: juice for my ears.

Talking about Madlib and Talib Kweli my mind goes immediately to my beloved and one of my best producer ever: Dilla (RIP). In this track taken from the album he cut with Madlib (Jaylib = Jay Dee (which is J Dilla) + Madlib) they are all three together:

And talking about Dilla, this is one of the best track he has ever produced, no matters what:

Tommy Boy Music, US 1996

It features a sample from one of the most incredible song Ahmad Jamal recorded, and I can tell you: I hold the complete Jamal discography and I saw him live a couple of times (they could have been three, but one day that I was in NY I had to choose between Jamal and Jimmy Smith: I chose Jimmy because I thought he would have probably pass out sooner: I was right. RIP Jimmy). Anyway: this is one of my favorite jam ever, the bassline, the impelling fate that you can feel all through the song etc etc. Let me use the words of Baby Grandpa "Swahililand' move me to tears at times (...) An almost ten minute long composition with such nice chords; you simply can't keep your eyes dry."

20th century records, US 1974


Lil Louis & The World

The Conversation track is killer, but the one on here is 'Why'd You Fall?' The morphing of the vocal and synth line is unbelievable, superb, futuristic and downright dope house music.Still drops people to their knees on the right dancefloor, and is one of many reasons why Lil Louis is so rated among his contemporaries and fans alike. The guy is a dancefloor genius. Essential release that should be owned by any DJ who knows what a club weapon this record is.