Stream Of Consciousness #3 - Kenny Loggins, Madlib, Talib Kweli, J Dilla, De la Soul, Ahmad Jamal

Look at this video by Kenny Loggins

It looks like a Raelian convention. Kenny has always been incredibly cheesy, that's the only problem with him and the main reason why he is so much underrated (take a Look at the cover down here if you don't believe me: same raelian style).

By the way in the 70's he wrote stunning songs and was a very good performer, then money made their course and he preferred to write multimillion selling soundtrack for cheesy (again) movies like footloose. Anyway, he wrote songs so good that the one in the video was sampled by NAS. But my fave is this one:

It is not my favorite because of Kenny, but because Madlib made a beautiful work sampling it on this track with Talib Kweli: juice for my ears.

Talking about Madlib and Talib Kweli my mind goes immediately to my beloved and one of my best producer ever: Dilla (RIP). In this track taken from the album he cut with Madlib (Jaylib = Jay Dee (which is J Dilla) + Madlib) they are all three together:

And talking about Dilla, this is one of the best track he has ever produced, no matters what:

Tommy Boy Music, US 1996

It features a sample from one of the most incredible song Ahmad Jamal recorded, and I can tell you: I hold the complete Jamal discography and I saw him live a couple of times (they could have been three, but one day that I was in NY I had to choose between Jamal and Jimmy Smith: I chose Jimmy because I thought he would have probably pass out sooner: I was right. RIP Jimmy). Anyway: this is one of my favorite jam ever, the bassline, the impelling fate that you can feel all through the song etc etc. Let me use the words of Baby Grandpa "Swahililand' move me to tears at times (...) An almost ten minute long composition with such nice chords; you simply can't keep your eyes dry."

20th century records, US 1974

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