Historically, this is considered to be the first ever Detroit Techno record, released in 1981 a few weeks before Cybotron' s 'alleys of the mind. Musically, it' s a strange but cool mash-up between Kraftwerk, Italo and Robotic New-Wave, with a quite minimal and raw production. Slick, excellent record but totally hard to find.The complete story about this song in Dan Sicko' s landmark book "Techno Rebels", one of the best book about the history of Detroit Techno.

The catalog number of this release is a nod to the Porsche 928.
The vocal track "Sharevari" sings the praises of that car, as well as L' Uomo Vogue, GQ, car cassettes, cigarettes, bread, cheese, fine white wine, and just about everything else Northwest Detroit party boys aspired to in 1981 (just a nice curiosity, cause our post talking about Instrumental version).

(Capriccio Records, US, 1981)

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