We're Getting Stronger

Friday night in Parma (for some odd unknown reason) in a not particularly nice club, i was lucky enough to be present at experience Maurice Fulton' s dj set, and the fact that i drunk too much was my only dissapointment. I would have simply wished that i had drunk slightly less to enjoy MF's music even more, it was all (stunning) wonderful, and thank to God one of my favourite songs by Loleatta Holloway, queen of Soul and Disco music, came to my mind. It' s simply grand, and even more so the Walter Gibbons mix i have decided to play for you today!

(Salsoul Records, Canada, 1977)

(If anything comes to your minds, try listening here)

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  1. Thanks to you I have just ordered this on 12" from the US, it arrived this evening and I am listening to it now. Huge.