Groovy Christmas with Longo selection

For this holidays i wanna give you a present, i hope you can appreciate.
The gift is a tracklist with 15 tracks between Disco Music, Boogie and Italo Disco for a groovy dancing during Christmas time with your Grandma!
Love you all and thanks for supporting us.

(Columbia Records, US, 1977)

(Philadelphia International Records, US, 1979)

(Dakar Records, US, 1981)

(P.B.I. Records, Canada, 1981)

(London Records, Canada, 1978)

(AVI Records, US, 1979)

(Islands Records, UK, 1983)

(Unidisc Records, Canada, 1988)

(Mahogany Records, US, 1977)

(Full Time Records, Italy, 1981)

(Spring Records, US, 1979)

(Whitfield Records, US, 1979)

(Salsoul Records, US, 1981)


  1. I juts came back from Christmas with the family and am now unpacking and dancing, unpacking and dancing!! FAB!!!!!!

  2. this is a great list of music. very rad of you guys.

    cheers from Philly!

  3. Thanks men I appreciate. Check out our new address for more stuff!