Eumir Deodato

The Deodato 1980 album "Nightcruiser" burns!
It' s very "Ladies Night" period Kool & The Gang (makes perfect sense since Deodato is the producer); both of these records feature no vocals and Deodato is as fabulous an arranger as ever.
This Vinyl show the tendence of Eumir Deodato in a funky jazz style, with special instrumental electronic effects, but keeping his own style of making good music, which defines him in his triunfant career.
This 12" should not be missing in a good contemporary jazz collection. Deodato keeps using violins and traditional instruments in order to keep his own style.

(Warner Bros. Records, UK, 1980)
(Warner Bros. Records, UK, 1980)

This is the "Jellybean" Mix of "Keep It In The Family", another Deodato' s song, a rare track that has never been offered for sale.
(Warner Bros. Records, US, 1982)

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