Patrick Adams Legacy #1 - Donna McGhee

I'm starting now a new series of posts covering the work of a music genius and of course one of my favorite Producer ever: Patrick Adams.

(I love these cheesy-disco-stereotype-fan-made pics you find on the web)

You know I usually prefer to give space to images and music, moreover Patrick is a quite obscure producer and he's never been too much under the lights, that's why I'll just give you some resources in case you want to get to know better the Man:

Patrick Adams on Emusic
Patrick Adamas on Disco-Disco

I am not following any particular order for this series: I am just posting the song I love, whenever they have been recorded and issued, and whatever role Patrick had in the track.

I'll try as always to give a particular view on the selection though.

I'll start with one of my fave ever:
Donna McGhee - Make it Last Forever album.
I have chosen my favorite tracks as we don't like to post entire albums here, but believe me the whole thing is an absolute music orgasm: if you've got the chance buy it.
uh, Here you have a recent interview to Donna

Arranged By - Greg Carmichael , Patrick Adams
Engineer - Pat Jaques
Producer - Greg Carmichael
Written-By - Greg Carmichael, Patrick Adams

Donna McGhee - Mr. Blindman

Donna McGhee - I'm A Lovebug

Donna McGhee - It Ain't No Big Thing

(Red greg, us 1978)

and a Krivit Re-edit

Donna McGhee - Make It Last Foerever (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)

Paul Johnson
made a good Chicago House edit back in the days called No Big Thang:

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  1. Thank you for the spotlight. I hope to never disappoint you in my music.

    Patrick Adams