Longo Love

This is not an mp3 blog with dwarfs that rip and upload LPs the whole day.
The typical roundabout is me devouring pop culture on the web listening to music, usually good music, sipping whiskey, smoking, a candle light on my table. Like now. The second step is my girlfriend from another other room to praise me to play the song one more time. Like now. The song was Randy Crawford's You Might Need Somebody.

She is in love with this song so much that she also played the Shola Ama cover on her laptop...
So I was like ok: let's make a "Longo Love" selection.
These are some of my favorite tracks Love wise, the tracks that I would play at the end of the set when you only have good taste people dancing on the dance floor and all the BAM BAM junkies are satisfied or too trashed (...or you just don't care about the BAM BAM anymore and feel to just play the music you love).

25 West Records, US 1982

Talking about Luther, I just want to remark how much he gives me goose bumps every time I listen to him. Please, really buy his records couse he was and always be the man.
Never Too Much is a classic but it's really too important to me, one of my favorite tracks ever: it sends me back to New York City in an instant.


  1. Mr Longo, you are one smoove mofo. Love the love selection. The lesson of the day is always listen to the girlfriend.

  2. Thanks man I appreciate. Check out our new address for more stuff!