Minnie Riperton (1947 - 1979)

Probably had a too short career, but for sure, many of us remember Minnie Riperton, like many black women in those years, but with a characteristic: a more sweet, quiet, romantic and soul voice.

I wanna give you five pearls, moving from tearjerker "Inside My Love" to such Disco-Funk songs that were part of (for example) Loft & Paradise Garage tracklist.

(EPIC, UK, 1975)

More shakin' booty with:

(EPIC, FRANCE, 1974)

(EPIC, US, 1975)

(EPIC, US, 1977)

In 2001 Jean Jacques Smoothie released a synth-pop track called "2 People" that saw a rebirth of Minnie' s celestial voice.
Here my personal favourite Mirwais version:

(ECHO, UK, 2001)


  1. Excellent! I love this track. Looked all over for it. The youtube video i sooo 90's it's great

  2. Thanks man I appreciate. Check out our new address for more stuff!