Love Italia # 2

Same artist as the first "love Italia" post, Lucio Battisti is generally considered a popular, pop artist widely appreciated by Italian masses and beloved by the Italian TV of the sixties / seventies.
Actually those who know well Battisti know how behind this mask there is a tormented personality constantly researching inspiration in Progressive, Classical, Disco music, Electronic and Avant-Garde. Trying to push further the boundaries of italian music, in some cases he wrote masterpieces while sometimes he wrote craps.

While in the first Post "Il veliero" was more of a Psychedelic/Funk, the track that we consider here is an Italo/Prog pastiche.

Hope you like it. Italians still don't understand it.

Lucio Battisti - Nessun Dolore
(Numero Uno, Italy, 1978)

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