NYC sounds

Nicky Siano was dancing in Manhattan clubs at fifteen and by the age of 17 was resident and co-owner of the hottest club in New York: The Gallery. He mentored Frankie Knuckles and Larry Levan, worked in the studio with Arthur Russell and was set to become another high-profile drug casualty until he got his life back on track with campaigning work for people with AIDS. He came out of retirement in the late 1990s and these days DJs all over the world.

Here some of his tracks and remixes more meaningful than I uninterruptedly listen.

(Tiger Stripes, USA & Canada, 2000)

(Sire Records Company, US, 1979)

(Beave Music, US, 2000)


Few of the USA '70 disco era deejay heroes.

From left to right: Barry Lederer, Tom Savarese, Vincent Carleo, Don Findlay, Jimmy Stuard, Nicky Siano.
Foreground: Tony Smith,Lary Sanders.

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  1. god some of the tracks are amazing.

    BUT THE MP3 QUALITY is soooooooo bad on some of these. any reason??