Stream Of Consciousness #1 - from Jerry Knight to Twilight 22 (passing through Ollie & Jerry, Shabba-doo, Boogaloo Shrimp and Stevie Wonder)

I could have named this post simply "Goose Bumps".

- I selected two tracks by Jerry Knight himself and by his later incarnation Ollie & Jerry from the groundbreaking Breakin' OST.

- The seminal break dancers Adolfo Quinones (Shabba-Doo) and Michael Chambers (Boogaloo Shrimp) were starring in the movie. Here is a later performance by the duo, for the Telethon benefit marathon in 1984

the track you hear in the video is

Twilight 22 is the electro project by Gordon Bahary. "Gordon created the group initially through a love of computers and synthesizers. At the age of 16 he sat in with Stevie Wonder during the recording of Songs In The Key Of Life. Impressed by his suggestions, Stevie invited Gordon to produce and program synthesizers on his next album, Journey Through The Secret Of Plants."

- said that Stevie Wonder is the greatest musical talent alive, here is one more astounding track from the Twilight 22 Album recorded in 1984 where you can hear the Stevie Influence on some synthesizers arrangements

Gordon also worked on Herbie Hancock's "Feets Don't Fail Me Now", but let's stop this Stream of consciousness and keep Herbie for the future.

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