The Break(dancing)

Kat Mandu is Jimmy "Bullet" Ray, born and raised in Guyana S.A.
Jimmy began singing his heart out in his church choir and discovered the path he would follow at an early age. As a lead singer and guitarist he became so well recognized that he was invited to appear with renowned artists including: Sam & Dave, Ben E. King, and Carla Thomas. With them he performed for audiences in various European, American and Caribbean countries.

Every now and then a sng comes along that helps define an era, in 1979 that song was "The Break". A rousing high energy instrumental that to this day packs dance floors. When that song emerged it was believed to be by a group, speculation was that it was a "studio" group fronted by Joe LaGreca and Denis LePage. Of course LePage and LaGreca were part of the process but they were by no means the driving force. Adding to the mystery was the album cover which featured a painting of a tiger. It wasn' t until the second album that dancers could put a face to the name Kat Mandu.

(Killroy, Netherlands, 1982)

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